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In 2016, Baker & Borowski re-conceived the idea of the exhibition space, presenting the London public with an ongoing series of collaborative, site-specific artworks housed in skips in everyday public locations. With their associations of mundanity, disposal and renovation, skips are a ubiquitous but frequently overlooked reminder of the throw-away culture of the city, lending a playfully profound irony to the exhibition of artwork within them. Since then, Baker & Borowski have collaborated with some of the biggest names in contemporary art, including David Shrigley (Look At This, June 2017), Gavin Turk (Transubstantiation, November 2017) and Ben Eine, as well as ‘the world’s most artistic football club’ AS Velasca in Milan .Their mobility allows SKIP Gallery to exhibit anywhere there is a parking space, bringing unexpected eruptions of art into the everyday urban landscape, anywhere in the world. Since its beginnings, the gallery has become more than a mobile exhibition space; it is a continuous, transitioning artwork in itself, connecting artists around the world through an ongoing programme of collaboration.

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