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A partnership between artists and curators Lee Baker and Catherine Borowski, Baker & Borowski cultivates and commissions incursions of art into unexpected places.


Baker & Borowski is an artist-curator partnership between sculptor and placemaking specialist Catherine Borowski and painter and music producer Lee Baker. Catherine is the founder and creative director of Produce UK, an event-production consultancy and cultural programmer that works with brands, businesses and developers to conceive and deliver experiential placemaking strategies ranging from installations and exhibitions to large-scale festivals.


Lee’s artistic career began in the 1990s, when he drew on his love of manga and experience customising cars to produce site-specific installations at locations around the UK. This evolved into work as a scenic artist for the likes of the National Theatre and English National Opera; then grew into an international fine art career characterised by vividly colourful large-format paintings and installations depicting meta-cities and architectural environments, often on the cusp of destruction.


The duo is on a mission to bring unexpected eruptions of art into the everyday urban landscape and in 2017 they re-conceived the idea of the exhibition space, launching SKIP Gallery – an ongoing series of collaborative, site-specific artworks housed in skips on public sites. With 15 skip shows under their belt, collaborating with artists such as David Shrigley and Jeremy Deller, Baker & Borowski have spread their wings to begin a new venture, Graphic Rewilding, creating large scale artworks that introduce the diversity and colours of the natural world into urban environments. With these images they hope to inspire and encourage people to connect a little more with nature.

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