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In 2019 studies appearing in Frontiers in Psychology showed that a 20- minute walk in nature is enough to significantly improve your mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, but as nature becomes less available for many in urban environments, it’s also been shown that exposure to simple PICTURES of nature, also has a positive effect on the mind. Patients who have images of nature in hospital waiting rooms have lower levels of stress and anxiety. Viewing nature images increases activity in brain regions associated with attention and emotion regulation, as well as increased alpha-wave activity associated with relaxation and meditative states.

As an artistic counterbalance to this severe lack of green space in cities, Lee and Catherine co-founded Graphic Rewilding in order to create vast, flower inspired, maximalist, attention grabbing, positivity inducing artworks and immersive environments in often-overlooked urban spaces. Though these obviously could never provide the same environmental and psychological benefits as real nature, we want to inspire people to connect and empathise a little more with the natural world, hopefully mitigating some of the negative effects of a lack of exposure to green space.

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